Debugging Unleashed: Mastering xrDebug for PHP Brilliance

Debugging Unleashed: Mastering xrDebug for PHP Brilliance

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xrDebug is the Open-Source alternative to some paid debugging tools. xrDebug is a portable debug utility that lets you debug PHP code on the fly without any extensions. It has features like multi-peer support, pause functionality, an HTTP API, and end-to-end encryption. In this Meetup, we will show you how to use xrDebug effectively, explain its ideal use cases, and highlight the advantages it has over conventional debuggers.

Presented by Rodolfo Berrios

Rodolfo Berrios is a software engineer from Chile, author of Chevereto and Chevere with over 19 years of experience building software systems. In his spare time he enjoys playing with the neighbor's cat and to chill out playing Nintendo.

Participating Groups: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, Utah, Vancouver

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