MergePHP Lightning Talks: Ignite Your PHP Knowledge!

Join us on as Logan Lindquist presents

MergePHP Lightning Talks: Ignite Your PHP Knowledge!

This month, we're trying something new: lightning talks! If you have an interesting PHP-related topic you'd like to share with the group in a 5-10-minute presentation, now's your chance. Fill out the sign-up form, and we'll email you a link to join the event 15-20 minutes beforehand. We'll bring up each speaker one at a time to give their talk. Remember, we value contributions from everyone in the community, so don't hesitate to share your knowledge!

Here are some ideas:

  • What's new with JavaScript
  • Alternative PHP runtimes
  • An update on PHP internals
  • Security
  • New testing strategies
  • Something related to APIs
  • That side project you've been putting off

Depending on the number of lightning talks, we also plan to have a panel discussion. This won't be your typical panel discussion-we'll watch a YouTube video together and share our reactions. It'll be a fun and interactive experience, similar to the reaction videos you see on YouTube. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, share, and engage with the MergePHP community! 🌩️⚡🗣️

Presented by Logan Lindquist

Logan is one of the MergePHP organizers

Do you have a topic you love to talk about? Share it with the group!

Participating Groups: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, Utah, Vancouver

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