Symfony to Laravel: Lessons Learned

Symfony to Laravel: Lessons Learned

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Symfony and Laravel have emerged as the leading MVC frameworks for rapidly building and deploying web applications using PHP. While each has its advocates and naysayers, let's compare them in a way that highlights the strengths of each and their approaches to aiding the delivery of value. Whether you're a tech lead wanting to better guide the maturity of your systems, an engineer looking to broaden your knowledge, or just wanting to know if PHP is a viable option as a component in your stack, awareness of these differences can help smooth the path ahead of you.

Presented by Israel Carberry

Israel J. Carberry has been tricking magical rocks to do his bidding ever since meeting his first Tandy on the Great Plains of Wyoming, which he found to be more fun than chucking tumbleweeds. Continuing his family's migratory tradition, Israel wound up in Austin, where he escaped the cubical tech world of the 90's by pursuing other ostensibly gainful enterprises, such as rebuilding concert pianos and training empty nesters how to parallel park a school bus. However, his old love of algorithmic incantations, together with a growing family and an acute aversion to hunger, drew Israel back to the life of computational wizardry. Now an Engineer of ye Staff at Atmosphere TV, he conjures architectural diagrams from the murky mists of uncertainty and crafts potions to help engineers fall in love with test driven development.

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