Docker is Dead, Long Live Containers

Docker is Dead, Long Live Containers

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Since Docker burst onto the scene, programmers have seen a radical shift in almost every ecosystem. From setting up environments to tooling to deployment, containers now influence many applications. The good news is that the idea of containers has taken hold, and we are no longer beholden to a technological monopoly. Let's look at the container ecosystem outside Docker and what a genuinely open, containerized future holds.

Presented by Chris Tankersly

Chris Tankersley is a husband, father, author, speaker, PHP developer, podcast host, and probably lots of other things he's forgetting to mention. He works for Vonage as a Senior Developer Relations Advocate, helping developers use and integrate Vonage's communication platform into their applications and third party services. Chris has worked with many different frameworks and languages throughout his fifteen years of programming, but spends most of his day working in PHP and TypeScript. He is the author of "Docker for Developers," and helps developers integrate containers into their workflows.

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