What's New In PHP 8.2

What's New In PHP 8.2

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From new features like readonly classes, improvements to the type system, constants in traits, and backtrace parameter redaction, to changes and deprecations like dynamic properties, locale sensitivity in strtolower/upper(), and ${} in string interopolation, the latest version of PHP has something (or something to be aware of) for everyone...and it'll be released the day of this presentation! Tune in for info on how to get the latest version of PHP, detailed info on new features and changes, and a heads-up on how to most easily get your code up to date. Spoiler: if you aren't using dynamic properties, this is an easier jump than 8.1.

Presented by Ian Littman

When Ian isn't CTO'ing a startup throwing APIs around insurance data or helping organize Longhorn PHP conference, he's soaking up the Texas Hill Country, or talking about mobile or airline networks on Twitter.

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