Living With Open Source Responsibility

Living With Open Source Responsibility

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It is straightforward to open source a piece of code and call it a library. It is effortless to maintain it when you are the only user, but what happens when you reach the first hundred or thousand downloads.

Semantic versioning, changelog, stable release, backward compatibility, continuous integration, and code coverage would probably be some of the buzzwords that would pop up into your head.

Let's go through the process of being a responsible open-source developer and maintainer.

Presented by Mario Blazek

Mario Blazek is a Senior Backend Developer at Q Agency and a Lead Developer of Jenz. Most of the time, he uses PHP as a language of choice. He promotes open-source software and PHP-related technologies as one of the organizers of Zagreb PHP User Group (ZgPHP). He likes working with Symfony framework and explores the dark sides of it. He is a Symfony and Twig certified developer.

When not on his primary job, he volunteers as a Chief fire officer at the local fire department. He's married to a beautiful wife and is a father of two sons. He tweets at @phpanarchist.

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