Using the Agile Methodology to Run My Life

Using the Agile Methodology to Run My Life

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Interested in learning more about Agile? Me too! I am here to tell you that Agile can be applied to your life outside of software. Don't worry, there is a method to these processes or routines we are doing on a regular basis. Let's learn about how we can get better at these systems and turn them into more productive practices. Irene is here to teach you all things Agile.

Presented by Irene Mangem

Irene Mangem is a SAFe Program Consultant, an Agile Coach, a Social Entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is giving shelter, education and hopes to the homeless, rejected, abused and underprivileged girls in her birth country Cameroon. Irene manages her time between being there for her husband and family, the girls, working as an Agile Coach at Team Treehouse, teaching Scrum, consulting with companies and, using Agile/Scrum to facilitate the activities in her nonprofit work.

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